Für die Anfrage nach "Whitcomb, John C." gab es 7 Treffer:

A History of Israel (82/10450)
2.112DAV-1   Davis, John J. u.a. / Winona Lake / BMH Books, 1980

Darius the Mede : a study in historical identification (93/18893)
2.113WHI-1   Whitcomb, John C. / Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing, 1974

Does God want christians to perform miracles today?
Z-KS 1018   Whitcomb, John C., 1973

Solomon to the exile : studies in Kings and Chronicles (75/5375)
2.306WHI-1   Whitcomb, John C. / Winona Lake IN / BMH Books, 1971

The book of Daniel (83/11160)
2.320WHI-1   Whitcomb, John C. / Winona Lake IN / Grace Theological Seminary, 1985??

The Origin of the solar system : biblical inerrancy and the Double-Relevation Theory
Z-KS 1017   Whitcomb, John C., 1974

The Genesis flood : the biblical record and its scientific implications (71/8745)
3.92WHI-11   Whitcomb, John C. u.a. / Philadelphia PA / Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing, 1961