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Dry bones can live again : revival in the local church (75/5005)
5.44COL-1   Coleman, Robert E. / Old Tappan NJ / Fleming H. Revell, 1969

Established by the word of God
Z-KS 2078   Coleman, Robert E., 1972

Introducing the Prayer Cell
Z-KS 2076   Coleman, Robert E., 1972

Life in the living word
Z-KS 2079   Coleman, Robert E., 1971

Love aflame : selections from the writings of Blaise Pascal
Z-KS 275   Coleman, Robert E., 1974

The mind of the Master (95/20956)
4.22COL-1   Coleman, Robert E. / Old Tappan NJ / Revell, 1983

The spirit an the word
Z-KS 2077   Coleman, Robert E., 1969