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Commentary on the New Testament use of the Old Testament (08/23599)
2.6BEA-1   Grand Rapids MI / Baker Academic, 2007

From Sabbath to Lord's day : a biblical, historical and theological investigation (87/16319)
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Justification and variegated nomism : Volume I: The complexities of Second Temple Judaism (12/26150)
2.522CAR-2.1   Grand Rapids MI / Baker Academic, 2001

Justification and variegated nomism : Volume II: The paradoxes of Paul (12/26067)
2.522CAR-2.2   Grand Rapids MI / Baker Academic, 2004

Scripture and truth (84/12704)
2.011CAR-1   Grand Rapids MI / Zondervan, 1983

Becoming conversant with the Emerging Church : understanding a movement and its implications (09/24304)
5.44CAR-1   Carson, Donald A. / Grand Rapids MI / Zondervan, 2005

Einleitung in das Neue Testament (10/24466)
2.511CAR-2   Carson, Donald A. u.a. / Giessen / Brunnen, 2010

An introduction to the New Testament (98/22041)
2.511CAR-1   Carson, Donald A. u.a. / Leicester / Apollos, 1994

Matthew, Mark, Luke (88/16668)
2.6EBC-1   Carson, Donald A. u.a. / Grand Rapids MI / Regency Reference Library, 1988