Für die Anfrage nach "Winona Lake, IN" gab es 4 Treffer:

Creation and Chaos : A Reconsideration of Hermann Gunkel's Chaoskampf Hypothesis (17/27627)
2.1112SCU-1   Winona Lake, IN / Eisenbrauns, 2013

Cult and Character : Purification Offerings, Day of Atonement, and Theodicy (17/27719)
9.1GAN-1   Gane, Roy / Winona Lake, IN / Eisenbrauns, 2005

The Image of God in the Garden of Eden : The Creation of Humankind in Genesis 2:5-3:24 in Light of mis pi pit pi and wpt-r Rituals of Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt (18/278683)
2.301MCD-1   McDowell, Catherine L. / Winona Lake, IN / Eisenbrauns, 2015

The Shape of the Writings (16/27403)
2.0401STE-3   Steinberg, Julius / Winona Lake, IN / Eisenbrauns, 2015