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Beyond form critcism : essays in Old Testament literary criticism (95/19025)
2.062HOU-1   Winona Lake IN / Eisenbrauns, 1992

Faith, tradition, and history : Old Testament historiography in its near eastern context (12/25680)
2.113MIL-6   Winona Lake IN / Eisenbrauns, 1994

Israel Oriental studies : annual publication of the Faculty of Humanities, Tel Aviv University
   Winona Lake IN / Eisenbrauns

Old Testament studies
   Winona Lake IN / BMH Books

Past links : studies in the languages and cultures of the ancient Near East (00/23038)
2.113IZR-1   Winona Lake IN / Eisenbrauns, 1998

Sources for biblical and theological study
   Winona Lake IN / Eisenbrauns

The flowering of Old Testament theology : a reader in twentieth-century Old Testament theology, 1930-1990 (93/18644)
2.121OLL-1   Winona Lake IN / Eisenbrauns, 1992

Moses and the Gods of Egypt : studies in th book of Exodus (75/6216)
2.301DAV-1   Davis, John J. / Winona Lake IN / BMH Books, 1973

An introduction to biblical Hebrew syntax (12/25564)
2.022WAL-1+1   Waltke, Bruce K. u.a. / Winona Lake IN / Eisenbrauns, 1990

An introduction to Biblical Hebrew syntax (90/17451)
2.022WAL-1   Waltke, Bruce K. u.a. / Winona Lake IN / Eisenbrauns, 1990

Solomon to the exile : studies in Kings and Chronicles (75/5375)
2.306WHI-1   Whitcomb, John C. / Winona Lake IN / BMH Books, 1971

The book of Daniel (83/11160)
2.320WHI-1   Whitcomb, John C. / Winona Lake IN / Grace Theological Seminary, 1985??