Für die Anfrage nach "Sheffield" gab es 7 Treffer:

Forming Prophetic Literature : Essays on Isaiah and the Twelve in Honor of John D.W. Watts (14/26826)
1.4WAT-1   Sheffield / Sheffield Academic, 1996

Journal for the Study of the Old Testament Supplement Series
   Sheffield / University of Sheffield, Department of Biblical Studies

New Testament text and language : a sheffield reader (08/23819)
2.063POR-1   Sheffield / Sheffield Academic, 1997

Redating the Exodus and Conquest (79/8066)
2.112BIM-1   Bimson, John J. / Sheffield / Hegner, 1978

The unity of the Twelve (12/25181)
2.122HOU-1   House, Paul R. / Sheffield / Almond, 1990

Ancient Israel : a new history of Isrealite Society (06/23420)
2.112LEM-1   Lemche, Niels Peter / Sheffield / Sheffield Academic, 1995

The enigma of the Hebrew verbal system: solutions from Ewald to the present day (83/11369)
2.022MAF-1   McFall, Leslie / Sheffield / Almond, 1982